Cantariña 2 Viña de Los Pinos 2017

Viña de los Pinos is a treasure on display to every resident and visitor to Bierzo. Icon of the typical local old vineyard, our precious site maintains the identity of the traditional viticulture in the region, using an original goblet-training, vines dated more than a century ago, mainly with the local star Mencía in with some scattered other local varieties . A little less than 3 Ha of vineyard producing less than 1.5 Kg per plant, on a soil toughened by slope and winds, we make an effort in farming it in the most ecologic and sustainable possible way, fostering biodiversity to ensure that its low yield contains the most quality. Hosting countless family celebrations, past, present and future, Viña de los Pinos and its shed on top is truly a magical place and holds a special energy that we are eager to share with you through our Cantariña 2.

  • Technical information
    • Site: Viña de los Pinos
    • 90% Mencía, 10% others (Doña Blanca, Palomino, Garnacha Tintorera)
    • Soil: Clay/Limestone
    • Orientation: mostly North
    • Altitude: 550-600 m.
    • 8 months in used 225 litres French oak casks
    • alc. by Vol: 13.5º
    • 10,000 bottles

Tasting Notes

Cherry red coloured, deep and shining, this wine shows red fruits and roses on the nose. Wider than longer on the palate, it shows acidity and tannins that play with flavours of black berries, forest and wet rock. It is a serious an elegant wine that ought to be shared. We sincerely recommend to have another bottle at reach, one is not usually enough.