Cantariña 7 A Freita 2021

Our latest project is born in the canyon of river Burbia between Corullón and Otero where vineyards have a slope steeper than in any other area in Bierzo. Our vineyard in A Freita, with 66% slope and slate soils presents a truly challenging terrain to fam, but also a pure and heroic settlement where vines have grown or centuries and speak about terroir above all.

A field blend of Mencía and Palomino from vines planted in 1910 that defy the harshest conditions to express minerality and lightness alongside the floral combination of the two main varieties in Bierzo century-old vineyards.

Technical Information

– Vintage: 2021
– Grape Variety: 85% Mencía, 154% Palomino
– Single Plot Wine: 0.25 hectares in Corullón
– DO Bierzo, Vino de Paraje: A Freita
– Orientation: East Elevation: 550m
– Soils: Slate, sand and quartzite
– Harvest date: 4th September 2021
– Production: 640 bottles
– Alcohol: 13.5 %

Tasting Notes A Freita 2021

Floral and fruity, delicate and elegant with lightness and minerality inherited from the slate soils that its vines are planted on. Plenty of drinkability and not short of character, this is a wine that speaks about how Mencía is versatile and offers a very distant profile tan the other Cantariña brothers in the clay soils of Villafranca and Valtuille.