Cantariña, a small winery in Bierzo, Spain, was born when five siblings took up arms against the pass of time. At the start of this project, only a handful of dusty bottles remained of our family’s great winemaking tradition. That is, dusty bottles, sweet September memories, and two family jewels: the vineyards of Los Pinos and Valdeobispo in Villafranca del Bierzo, León, Spain. With an eye on the past and our conscience in the present, we the Ysart Alvarez de Toledo siblings want to revisit our roots in viticulture and the making of good wine.

At Cantariña we want to be a part of the future, but for Spanish winemaking this means returning to a philosophy of terroir and a due respect for nature, which allows us to enjoy what the Earth has offer. We believe that much of our future is in the past, and movements like Artisan Wine Attraction motivate our commitment to these values.

Our family winery spins around those century old vineyards and our love for the land. We organically farm them to produce the best grapes possible that allow us to make low intervention wines. We aim for drinkability and fruit in wines that encapsulate landscapes in bottles.