About Us

Today, Cantariña carefully farms roughly 13 Ha of vineyards divided among three different sites, all of them located in our hometown Villafranca del Bierzo in León, Spain.

The first is the newest addition to the project, Cotelo. Having saved part of it abandoned for 20 years, we have also planted new vineyards with local main varieties Mencía and Godello.

The second and older site is Valdeobispo, a name that evokes pleasant memories of our family’s tradition.

And the third, Viña de Los Pinos (paraje Las Gundiñas), is one of the most iconic and photographed vineyards in Bierzo. It sits by the Camino de la Virgen, a narrow dirt path transited by thousands of Pilgrims each year on their way to Santiago de Compostela. The Virgin’s humble path stretches from the Villafranca’s Puerta del Perdón to the farmers village of Valtuille de Arriba, where the dirt turns to stone and the path becomes a street… Calle Cantariña

Our project spins around these basic principles in which we firmly believe:

Love for Terroir

We farm some very old vineyards and new ones growing local varieties in privileged locations in Bierzo, Spain
Organic farming

We farm the land in a traditional, sustainable and eco friendly approach, without pesticides nor herbicides, respecting the natural ecosystem of our vineyards

We make wines with minimal intervention, using only indigenous yeasts, letting our wines reflect the unique character of each vineyard
Enjoyable Wines

We want to make high quality, single plot wines which are easy to drink and affordable to maximise enjoyment!
Family Wines

Cantariña was created by 5 siblings that decided to bring back the farming of century old vineyards and started this project with humility and the healthy intention of enjoying pouring our own wines to our friends